Fox dhx2 setup

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Fox dhx2 setup

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Fox Float DHX2 250 x 75mm Factory

Author Message. Thoshik wrote: my 83 kg lbs spring Lsc 9. Hsc 12 Lsr Hsr Does it mean that is the same number for Compression and same for Rebound or If I do I can still compress it quite easily Nkocurek wrote: Sup, i have a similar problem.

I've recently bought dhx2 x76mm and put in a x3"sls spring, wind all adjusters to slowest, and nothing changed at all On my dhx rc4 i have on other bike, when i wind all the way in it locks, on the dhx2 is more open i would say. What would you do? Change shimstack? I would like to get middle stroke support, but i cant get one. Thanks for the reply Ask Them Here 18 mins ago - Roast my ride. Rules in first post 20 mins ago - Need help about shoulder injury 22 mins ago - Kids bikes anyone?

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All rights reserved. Mobile Version of Website. Posted: Mar 10, at We stock a variety of the most popular options. Others are special order from Fox.

If you have questions on Delivery ETA please chat, email or call for details! Coil shocks are regaining popularity across a variety of platforms. Some have linkage designed to accommodate the more linear coil spring performance, such as the Yeti SB Other riders simply prefer less ramp than the air shock options. Not sure which is for you? Chat with our team about your riding and setup. Want to learn more about coil spring tuning? Read our blog on Coil Spring Tuning Basics.

Need help defining which rear shock is right for you? No problem. Chat, email, call or come by. BikeCo offers unmatched after sales service to help riders dial in the setup for their new suspension. BikeCo Pro Tunes are available on Fox rear shocks. If selecting a Pro Tune Suspension options please fill out the form on the Pro Tune tab, choose the Pro Tune product variation and submit!

Special Order Products : Shipping times may vary. These products may not be on our premises however we order almost daily from these vendors!

Our team will be in touch with ETA on your order. Feel free to ask before, during or after your purchase. Fresh shock fresh mounting hardware! Select your choice then input your bike's manufacturer, model and year.

fox dhx2 setup

Yes, Dial it in Not yet. Our Suspension tuners will narrow the stock performance window of your shock for your size, aggression, terrain and ground speed. Chat, Call or email for details.Here are a few basics about spring-rate, sag and parameters that determine the spring rate you need. The compression damping and the rebound damping are also very important in setting up the shock correctly. It is recommendable to have a few different spring rates in your toolbox. This way you can change your sag depending on the gear you wear, the type of terrain you ride and simply how you feel.

These are spring rates we recommend, with a basic setting for the four damping settings. The number of clicks is counted from fully closed.

fox dhx2 setup

Large impacts hitting the rear wheel fast are absorbed by the spring and can be slow down by the high-speed compression damping. Adding HSC damping will slow down the suspension when being compressed by a large impact. Small impacts hitting the rear wheel are absorbed by the spring and can be slow down by the low-speed compression damping.

With no LSC damping, the spring will be able to absorb every little impact and track the ground very precisely. By adding LSC, you can make your suspension use less travel on small impacts, which can make the suspension a bit calmer on small impacts. You can also add LSC to make the suspension move less by the movements of your body when pedaling.

The rebound damping defines how fast the suspension extends after absorbing an impact. More rebound damping means that the suspension extends slower. If it extends too slow, it might not be ready for the next impact. A compressed shock is holding the energy from the impact, so if your rebound is too fast, you will get the energy right back to your feet, making the bike hard to control. Setting up the right amount of air pressure works best with measuring sag, but here is a list of estimated pressure-values as a starting point.

This table also shows the basic setting for the four damping settings.

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This table also shows the basic setting for the rebound and the low-speed-compression. The suspension of the Madonna V2 is designed around two different rocker links, the Rocker 60 and the Rocker But the differentiating factor is the shock stroke. The Rocker 60 uses 60mm of stroke on the shock to generate mm of travel at the rear wheel.

fox dhx2 set up guide

The Rocker 65 uses 65mm of stroke to produce the mm of travel. This results in a higher leverage ratio for the Rocker 60 that is best suited for riders up to 90kg and a lower leverage ratio for the Rocker 65 that is best for riders over 90kg. Riders on the lighter end of the scale benefit from the Rocker 60 with more mechanical leverage that helps the damping and adds to the small bump sensitivity.

The Rocker 65 enables heavier riders to run a lower air pressure or spring rate and happy damping for the shock. The different stroke lengths on the shock are fixed internally but based around the same shock. A x 60 shock can be modified to x 65 and vice versa.

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But this needs to be done directly by FOX. In order to determine which dropper post fits you, simply measure the distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of your saddle on your current bike. We recommend to choose the biggest amount of drop possible. More drop is more better. The minimum distance from the center of the BB to the top of the saddle, measured in cm with an Ergon saddle 4,5 cm height and the MY21 Fox Transfer seat posts.

When we talk about the fact that our bikes are designed for durability, we do not only mean their high quality of workmanship and robust construction, but also the fact that we rely - wherever possible - on common standards instead of proprietary in-house solutions. This ensures that all spare parts will still be available for many years to come and that you always have the widest possible selection of suitable components.

All frame bolts including the brake mount bolts need to be tightened to 12 Nm. The main pivot nut needs to be tightened to 50 Nm. Make sure to use a thread-locker in medium strength for the brake mount bolts. All frame bolts should be assembled with grease on the thread and contact surfaces.Fox has been involved in the suspension game since Norba was hating athletes.

They have a vast assortment of engineers from different segments to draw ideas from. Over the last ten years, the world of Mountain Biking has been about cutting weight no matter the cost. Many times this will lead to less durable parts, tires that flat or products that have a shorter lifespan. Over the last few years, there has been a renewed interest in coil suspension products.

There are numerous reasons to jump to coil-over air including sensitivity, consistent damping under heat, and reliability.

Anybody else hates the checking air pressure before rides? Luckily several companies are getting back into the High-End coil shock market. The wide adjustment range gives riders the support and grip that the trail demands, as well as a more plush and open feel in the initial travel. Each spring is optimized by using a smaller wire diameter and fewer coils, creating a lighter spring. Notify me of follow-up comments via email. Blog RSS. Recent Reviews. Newer Older. Blog Index. Dec 13 Shown with SLS Spring option.

We mounted the shock to out Guerrilla Gravity Smash it was a custom number at the time because Fox hadn't mad the Metric version in this particular shock size. I ended up going 25LBS above their suggestion. Fox has a very detailed spring calculator for all you nerds out there. Setting up shocks is pretty straight forward at this point and I just had to run tape measure then speed up rebound a bit. In standard Fox fashion, the shock adjustments were noticeable in the saddle even with just a click or two.

This is one thing I have always liked about Fox. Overall the DHX2 adjustability is pretty high and gives riders a wide range to play with. To get to the trails it is a 3-mile ride on the road.

On the way there I ran it open and the way back I used Firm mode. There is for sure a difference but it isn't as massive as what the CCDB offers. If you were riding a pump trail and wanted the bike to be more firm you could ride it in the firm setting easily. Some people may have problems with Spring weights but it is very unlikely since Fox offers the SLS spring in pound increments. If you are at the upper or lower weight ranges an air shock may have some benefits.

After spending close to 1 year aboard the Fox DHX we had zero issues and it provided very consistent dampening. With its adjustability and avoidance of heat effects on it when doing very long runs we would highly suggest the shock.

Saving half a pound or so doesn't seem to make up for the added benefits riders will find while using a coil shock. Reader Comments There are no comments for this journal entry. To create a new comment, use the form below.The original DHX damper worked well. And so did a huge range of others from Marzocchi to Rockshox, Bos and many other smaller brands.

But it was a tricky customer to set up, or rather a fiddly one especially when less than considerate bike designers decided to mount the DHX in the most inaccessible of places that could be possibly found on a bicycle.

The new Fox DHX2 is better, and its been well developed by the best racers.

fox dhx2 setup

Remember previously that the volume adjuster was hit and miss, the air valve a fiddle and the high and low speed compression adjusters either required the right size stick or the right temperature fingers.

This is true. More than this, the nature of the oil flow is straight forward and so to is the ease of set up. More a case of friendly than fat, the Fatbar is reassuringly Renthal throughout. Tough mm trail bike that bucks the trend, the Transition Smuggler. Simply part of the mountainbike furniture. Trusted, reliable and always innovative, MRP make the best chainguides. With a range of profiles and compounds the ODI Elite Series is one of the most up-to date grips on the market.

Stunningly crafted. Effortless ride dynamic. The Trek Session 9. Award winning downhill bike that ticks all the right boxes. The most coveted of groupsets. Light, stiff and impeccably finished. Whyte's best ever mm enduro mountainbike puts the British company near the top. Please enter your email so we can keep you updated with news, features and the latest offers. If you are not interested you can unsubscribe at any time. We will never sell your data and you'll only get messages from us and our partners whose products and services we think you'll enjoy.

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Learn More. Home Share Search. Powered by. There are 0 comments. Add yours. Hide them. Topics: Dirt Collection. Downhill Bikes Trek Session 9. Learn More Accept.Fox recently unveiled most of their lineup today, and in doing so finally made public the much anticipated new addition to their fork lineup — the In any case, Fox came through with a fork and shock to outfit my Yeti SB long term test rig with a couple of weeks ago — that has given me some time to put my first impressions to digital paper.

Before you read on, it might be worth taking a look at this article regarding the new lineup from Fox. After a quick overview in the beginning, the main focus of this article will be based around initial riding impressions of the 38 fork and the DHX2 rear shock ….

While the release brings about a slew of new features both internally and externally across most of the line, the 38 is the big story here. While many of us thought that the 36 was plenty beefy, Fox knew there was room for more meat and bumped the stanchion size up by 2mm. That fork of course is the Marzocchi Z1 Coil. Through painstaking FEA and computer modeling, Fox arrived at a radically different lower leg assembly.

The trusses above which support the massive new arch are a great visual example of how they maximized weight reduction while still working within the confines of such a large structure. Up close and personal, the fork is quite massive.

It will also have a big appeal with the bike park crowd and perhaps even freeriders as well. Personally, I like the look and got used to it rather quickly. Forthe 36, 38 and 40 see VVC in both high speed rebound and high speed compression. You can get an excellent understanding of what makes VVC unique at the mark in this video, where it is explained in a much better fashion than I can manage.

Air bleed ports help release built up pressure and adjust for varying altitudes while traveling. These help increase the air volume trapped in the lower legs, which makes it easier to achieve full travel, while also ensuring that lubricating oil can do its thing and keep hitting the seals and bushings, thus enscouraging smoother action. A quick note on the reservoir shape is that it has been shortened to better clear more frames. To make up for the precious lost volume, the reservoir simply got wider in shape.

The new lockout lever is completely independent of the damping circuitry, which allows for a firmer lockout and therefore more efficient climbing.

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An even bigger story is not so apparent … The shock body itself is now steel, as opposed to aluminum. Another big story is the MCU bottom out bumper. The last version was embarrassingly insufficient, but this one has been wholly fortified and managed the worst of bottom outs in a superior fashion. This might look familiar, yet somehow different.

The external damping adjustments still require 3mm and 6mm allen keys, but s omething seems to be missing compared to the last model … High speed rebound damping?

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In doing so, it was moved down to the lower shock eyelet and is now adjustable by hand. Those holes make it easy to poke a 2mm allen key in and count your clicks while tuning.

I found myself with PSI in the fork and have been bouncing back and forth between 1 and 2 volume reducers, finding both options quite good. Interestingly Jordi had me start with the high speed compression all the way open on both the fork and shock. While I found this to be just fine, I was curious about the range and found that I could still add a few clicks on both ends before things started to get too harsh.

Out back I stuck with a pound spring with very little preload. Current settings:. The previous statement is mainly aimed at and relevant to the structural side of things, but it also applies to the hydraulic side of things as well. In any case, while the 38 may look like a tank, it certainly does not bog down your front end, nor does it make it excessively nervous due to an overly rigid chassis.FREE U.

Ever wondered why people put a coil shock on their bike? Would I benefit from running a coil? It looks cool so it must work better, right? The pros all do it so I should too Here is a rundown of the Fox Shox DHX2 where we discuss the performance as well as the reasoning behind riding a coil shock.

So is it right for you? Continue reading to find out! It uses twin tube technology which is really confusing; click here to see how it actually works. Basically, it gives you a lot of adjustment. It allows you to independently change the high and low-speed rebound as well as high and low-speed compression so you can get your shock tuned perfectly for your bike, riding style, and riding location. This might not mean a lot to most of the riding community but for a select few, this shock is pure gold.

If you are the type of rider that almost spends more time setting up the bike to be perfect than riding it, then this is the shock for you. If you are more the type to put it on the bike and go, then you can probably get away with just running an air shock with fewer adjustments. If you have a modern trail or enduro bike, chances are it came with an air shock on it from the manufacturer.

fox dhx2 set up guide

If you are considering the switch to a coil, here is what you need to know:. Coil shocks are linear. So if you have a bike with a suspension platform that is also very linear as it goes through the travel, you might not want to run a coil as you will spend a lot of time bottoming out. Air is naturally progressive as you change the volume of its container i. You can also change the severity of this progression with volume reducers, but that's a whole other topic.

Coil shocks offer less friction. The seal surface area where the shock body meets the shaft on a coil shock is much smaller, allowing the friction to be much lower than the friction on an air shock.

Air vs Coil Shock? - The MRP Progressive Spring = BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!

This will allow for a more supple feel and will help your rear wheel stick to the ground on those small, chattery bumps.


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